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Longfei Annual Summer Camp. 12th – 14th July 2019

Longfei presents its Annual Summer Camp, and a level of tuition that is of the highest standard. This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Tai Chi, Qigong, learning, training and to meet people with like minds. (Please note that Saturday is our social gathering evening, a chance to meet new people and be entertained by Longfei’s talented members so if you have a talent then bring it with you!)

The event will be of two and a half days duration. Training will begin at 07.00 hrs and finish at 17.00 hrs. There will be a breakfast and light lunch breaks within these hours.
We must stress that places are limited so booking early is advised. Bookings made before the 30th April will enjoy 10% off (discount already applied).

If you would prefer, you can download a booking form and pay by cheque by clicking here.